CORE52 Personal Study

You want to know the Bible better because you know the Bible will make you better. But where should I start? And how can I progress past the confusing parts? Core52 is your guide through the maze of a very big book. Author Mark Moore identifies the most power-packed passages and distills them into a digestible format for busy people who want to gain proficiency with Scripture. Welcome to the fast-track of biblical training.

Core52 is a better way to know the Bible better.


Throughout 2022, we want you to participate in a personal spiritual growth plan. We want you to engage the Bible in an entirely new way in order to gain a better understanding of God's big story and how it intersects with your story. Here’s how you can be a part of the Core52 experience this year:

Get the CORE52 BOOK

In this book, you will find a 3-4 page weekly reading, memory verse, additional Scripture to study, and activities to complete. The Core52 book is available at FCC or Amazon.


Resources for each weekly plan are available online HERE. These resources are FREE (you will need to register). Each lesson includes: Essay video, Memory verse video, Scripture reading, Additional Scriptures, and the Application task.

Follow the CORE52 PLAN

  • Saturday or Sunday:  Read the essay in the Core52 book
  • Sunday: Worship with us in person or online
  • Monday:  Watch the essay video*
  • Tuesday:  Watch the memory verse video* and memorize the verse of the week
  • Wednesday:  Get in the Word*
  • Thursday:  Read and meditate on additional Scriptures*
  • Friday:  Complete the application task*

* Available online at Lessons - Core52 - A Fifteen-Minute Daily Guide to Build Your Bible IQ in a Year